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Cookie Week- Botched Strawberry Thumbprints

Since I have a place where I have been able to bake for others, I have decided this will be the start of sweets week.

I wanted to make thumbprints using the strawberry jam I made last week.  I looked up so many recipes and I thought I would be able to make the perfect cookie, but I was wrong.  Cookie week posts will continue with redemption cookies showing my best works, but I don’t think it should be about always getting things right.

Why it should have gone right 

My thoughts for the perfect cookie.  Start with a basic shortbread cookie and let sit in fridge before baking.  Then bake halfway before adding the jam and top with melted Reeses peanut butter chips for a PB&J effect.

Why things may have gone wrong

The cookie dough tasted great but I do not think it had enough flour as it was way to sticky.  See all the cookies that should be rolled into balls, yeah this is no award winning recipe.   It also only made one tray of cookies, which I guess is a good thing because they did not come out great.  


I will show you the final product but not a recipe as I will have to keep working on this one.  Well there they are everyone was nice about it and ate them all but they were redeemed the very next day with a batch of the perfect snickerdoodles.

IMG_1874 IMG_1876



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