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Splenda’d Strawberry Jam

I know every other food blogger is posting about strawberries because they are in season, but I have FIVE pounds of fresh berries to deal with so I will post about them as well.  As soon as I got home from the strawberry picking adventure I started cleaning the berries. I had a few left over from the grocery store and they were like cutting into rocks in comparison to the juicy ones I just picked.  Take a look the ones on the left are white in the middle and the fresh picked are much brighter.


I decided to make a jam with the Splenda I had in the cabinet, but was extremely worried about messing it up as all the hard work would have been for nothing.  many recipes say that if any measurements are off you will be screwed, so I tried to follow as closely as possible.


The first near catastrophe was the fact that I thought pectin was a substance in jello and I almost bought Jello to thicken the jam, but turned to find on the other side of the aisle real pectin and canning jars right next to them.


IMG_1864The strawberries before and after simmering.

IMG_1868 The final product!

I added the pectin to seven cups of mashed berries I used to mash in a ricer and I let it come to a rolling boil before adding the splenda.  I did stray just a bit from the recipe by adding lemon to the berries, but it was still a success.  Do not be fooled the next day I tried to use the jam in a recipe and it was a major fail.  That will be posted in a post about food failures.

Splenda’d Strawberry Jam

I followed the recipe on the no sugar pectin I bought.  It called for
6 Cups of berries (I used 7)
I added a bit of lemon juice
1 box of pectin
1.5 cups of splenda ( I only had about a cup)

So I know I said I tried to follow the recipe, but I never really do that and this time it worked out well for me.  I let the mashed berries and pectin come to a boil then constantly stirred for another three minutes after adding the Splenda.  Then I put them in Mason jars and let sit a half an hour on the counter before placing in the fridge/freezer.  I still have berries left so I am sure there are more posts concerning my favorite berries to come, but for now this is my Strawberry Sweet Smell of Success!

Tonight there is a greater concern… tornados. Hope to make it to tomorrows post alive!


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