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Amish Country Strawberry Picking

Finally the weather is 80 degrees and sunny here in Illinois.  We headed out to the Shady Crest Farm Market at 8AM after calling and realizing that is a late picking time as they start at 6:30!  The farm is just outside of the amish town Arthur, and it is easy to miss the picking season as they do not have much of an online presence and the picking season varies based on the weather that year. 
I know it is wrong to take a picture of the Amish but I had to snap one for the blog...holla!
Then there were strawberries galore.  I thought they would be small but they were big and juicy (that's what she said).  As we were picking them I ate several so I knew they were great.  I did not have the patience like the amish though because I filled one bucket and was starting to get sunburnt and tired from all the crouching.  I decided to sport overalls like a true farmer.
IMG_1850 IMG_1851 IMG_1852
We were done and home by 10AM which gave me plenty of time to focus on the next pressing issue...what to do with all the strawberries.  Well that will be saved for the next few posts.  I just love summer and these are the moments I miss my Ohio roots.IMG_1855

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