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Dunkfetti Diperoo Skinny Style

Although national Animal Cracker Day was in April I have two HUGE bags leftover from the dip competition and now I need a new recipe for the leftovers.  That is beside the point more importantly I had a phenomenal dip that although did not win, I cannot stop eating.  I looked up several recipes and there is really no way to jazz this one up, it is made for a dipfest.  




“Dunkfetti Dip” (Dunkaroos + Funfetti)

  • 2C Greek Yogurt 0%
  • 1 Container of light whipped cream
  • 1 Box of funfetti cake mix
  • I added a splash of vanilla to make it my own

That is it folks… one of the most addicting sweet dips I have ever eaten.  Doesn’t look or sound great, but I am telling you it is so simple and no bake meaning almost a no fail recipe.



There’s Mallory stirring up the white clouds of heaven.  She’s all about it.  Not many cooking techniques used in this one anyone even my cooking challenged friend Sarah mac could conquer this.

IMG_1830 IMG_1829

The glorious final product!

Tomorrow I am heading strawberry picking! Hopefully I cn come up with a good recipe otherwise I may be stuck with a lot of extra strawberries!



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