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Kitchen Explosion




Little Theater on the Square (LTOTS) is what is happening for the next two months!

IMG_1799This is the theater…

IMG_1802and this is the square it is on


So now I go from a 6 ft. kitchen to a kitchen bigger than my whole NYC apartment.  In a town that is microscopic in comparison to NYC.    The nearest Kroger grocery store is a 40 minute drive but there is an amish town down the road.  At least they have one of everything and when I say one I mean it…ONE chinese restaurant, pizzeria, mexican cuisine, CVS, McDonalds, Subway, and Hardees.  That is the grand tour of things in Sullivan.  The next challenge is cooking, but I already have a few tricks up my sleeve so do not loose hope.  Huge storms rolling through so I hope to be able to post Klingers Krispie Kreams tomorrow which made there debut here in Sullivan last summer.





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