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Hillbilly Hosting- Tuna et sushi edition

Today is dedicated to my “hillbilly” roots which I am a very proud Ohioan.  My grandpa reminded me of a “hillbilly apple pie” recipe we used to eat together over the weekend, and I decided this will be a blog theme.  The apple pie recipe will come in a later post so stay tuned for that gem!



Today I was thinking about all of the fancy foods that I could un-fancify and things I used to eat as a kid.  Well I had an interesting palette and my daily meals included fruit cocktail, canned green beans, kid cuisines, pop tarts, fruit roll ups, frozen pasta and pizza, cauliflower smothered in velveeta cheese, jello with mandarin oranges, pillsbury crescent rolls, and the list goes on and on.  None of these seemed like anything I wanted to work with in the kitchen today.

Hillbilly Meal Qualifications

  • cheap
  • not fresh
  • simple
  • easy bake
  • kid friendly

Canned tuna and frozen veggies it is although I had to use some fresh parsley and mushrooms just because i had them.

Here are all of the ingredients mixed up.



Canned tuna, frozen veggies (spinach and corn), parsley, mushrooms, mustard, salt , and pepper. 

Mix that baby up, heat in the microwave and eat right out of the bowl.  The pita chips are a bit of a homage to Ohio as they are so good and mom brings them up to me every time she visits since they are unavailable in NY.

Now dessert is also very important to me and must be included in every meal.  I was thinking of other fancy foods to unfancify, and all I thought of was caviar.  Until sushi came to my mind.


I rolled the last of my leftover puff pastry in pb&j and baked!  Oh yeah and I threw some cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice on some.  They didn’t stand up like sushi because I baked them on their sides, but I still ate them with the chopsticks I bought in Tokyo and they tasted AMAZING and super kid friendly.


Results: Hillbilly status achieved. As long as you like Tuna that was great and the sushi didn’t look like sushi but tasted perfect! Hats off to you my fellow Ohioans at heart.  This one was fun so a video may be following!



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