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Color Challenge…White White White

I am trying to theme as many of my posts as possible because I am by no means a real cook I just experiment.  So I will not show new recipes that people have never thought of before, rather I just want to have fun with food.  Yesterday I stumbled upon this idea while noticing I have white wine, white fish in the freezer, and white quinoa in my pantry.  I also went to the grocery store to find they were out of portobello shrooms so I bought white ones.  I have been looking into making quinoa risotto style so I figured this would be my chance.


White ingredients

  • Wine
  • Mushrooms
  • Quinoa
  • Garlic
  • Parmesan- I know it is a crime to mix cheese with fish so I did not add it to the risotto until after I tried some plain with the fish. I thought it added a great flavor with the parm.


I did take a risotto class once and there is no science to the amount of liquid that goes in just eyeball it.  So that is the white quinoa with white wine, garlic, and lemon.



I had to add a little color so parsley it was.


The next idea was taken from my brilliant aunt.  She made the juciest salmon with dill in the microwave so I thought I would try the same while the quinoa was in its last few minutes.  It worked!  I just always tend to overcook fish and meats in fear of eating something raw.  Yep those are my hands taking the picture in the reflection of the microwave!


There it is the final product.  Lets be real we eat with our eyes so I added a little more parsley on top for color.  Then I hurried uptown to get a free Haagen Dazs for free cone day.  Tasty, free, and WHITE


Hope this fancy white post gets you ready and inspired for what is to come!  Fancy is your clue…




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