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I am not a mother, but I had the weekend of my lifetime with my mom this weekend.  No new posts because I was out and about tasting the best food in NYC.  I went to Sugar and Plumm for the best almond croissants TWICE, I discovered Rex’s Coffee my new secret coffee / bake shop find, Jojo’s on the east side had a great inexpensive pre-fixe lunch, Alison Eighteen in Chelsea, Eataly in the flatiron for some fresh Gnocchi, Molly’s Cupcakes and David’s Tea in the village, and finished it off at my personal favorite pizza at Cafe Fiorello in Lincoln center.  I clearly could not wait to dig in but luckily mom made me at least look up to snap a picture with my pepperoni and arugula pie.


Secret Ingredient Revealed

Now that I have bored you with all of my excuses why I was away all weekend, I am presenting this weeks challenge.  To walk into the grocery store and pick an item to cook with that I have never worked with before.  I have tasted polenta, but never in this form and I have never cooked with it before.  I bought the pre made kind from Trader Joe’s because I thought I could make pretty shapes out of it. The only downside is it had a weird texture coming out of the tube of plastic, but I thought I could crisp it up and use it as an alternative to toast with eggs.


Here take a closer look.


I knew they needed flavor so I took all the mexican-like spices out of my cabinet and spread them on the polenta rounds I sliced thin.  I am not sure if they can be overcooked, but I just left them in the oven until I was ready to eat.  They were in 20 min on one side, then I added a tomato and cheese and baked until melted.  I would not recommend the tomato instead top with fresh salsa because the polenta will lose its crispness.


I really thought the tomatoes would work because they are round like the polenta, but they’re too wet and the polenta can’t be eaten with your hands with the tomatoes.  This is the finished product paired with eggs and mushrooms making a little tex-mex breakfast scramble.


It was a keeper!  Nice not to just have toast with my eggs as per usual.  Plus it was a good way to keep using up the parmesan hunk I have leftover from the first feast.  I still have one portion of cous cous left in the freezer to finish up!


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