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the grand finale apple tarte tatin


I am writing this while “in class” AKA watching “The Chew” which is my all time favorite show even though most of the time I watch it on Hulu the following day.  Anyways enough delay. It was this time last week when I decided to start the blog.  My aunt also makes an amazing tarte tatin which I remember as simple and so so tasty.  The biggest issue is always “the flip.”  I solved that problem by making them in individual ramekins.  Do not be fooled I did mess up a little on this recipe.  I bought three apples and threw them in a pan to caramelize with butter and sugar.  My own twist was to add a little hibiscus tea that I bought in Costa Rica which was a great choice. 

The choice I made which was not so great was adding lemon juice as I cut the apples and let them sit a bit before cooking them.  Just ended up having to add more sugar.

To give you an idea of a timeline of cooking with the two burners, caramelizing was one of the first things I did.

  • Prepped veggies and apples
  • Sauteed veggies for soup
  • Baked parmesan crisps
  • Cooked apples while soup sat on the back burner
  • prepped all other veggies and sauces (cous cous and dill dip)
  • Cooked cous cous and baked apples
  • While cous cous cooked I rolled the lamb
  • Cooked lamb and blended the soup


This picture was mid process.  Crisps were done, apples were simmering, soup sitting, and dill dip being concocted.  I surprised myself that the whole meal timed out so well, even though I could have made the soup, dip, crisps, and apples ahead of time.

Apple Tarte Tatin

Divide the apples evenly in ramekins (I had three apples that made three).  

Roll out and cut store bought puff pastry to fit over each ramekin.

Bake 400 degrees about 20 minutes or until the puff pastry is brown, puffed, and crispy.

I flipped one while hot which came out perfect, but when waiting until the next day it was a little more difficult.

Enough talk salivate over these!  They’re sort of guilt free so indulge in all three within 24 hours without shame like I did!

IMG_1707 IMG_1708

Tune in tomorrow for an amazing leftover makeover.  Also another hint to this weeks mystery ingredient.  It is used in Mexican dishes…a little late for cinco de mayo.  Any guesses?




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