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making Meat

Now I do not cook meat very often as most types are not conducive to experimental cooking.  On all the cooking competitions, the problems seem to be the same either the dish is under/over seasoned, and the meat is not cooked properly.  Well since I am cooking for one, I figured to go for it.  Lamb.  It pairs well with the cous cous and I remember taking a greek cooking class at Sur La Table where we made this beautiful lamb roll thing.  Well I didn’t want to buy a hammer to flatten out some huge piece of meat and I didn’t want to buy twine or cooking yarn to hold it together.  I found these filets at Fairway perfectly flattened and proportioned so I figured I would give it a go with no recipe in hand.                                            IMG_1701IMG_1695

I made a concoction of greek yogurt, lemon, dill, feta, and salt and pepper and spread it on the lamb.  I had leftover spinach leaves so I made a pretty design to add some color. Now time to see if these suckers hold in a roll and slice to show a perfect swirl.

IMG_1703 IMG_1702


Yep they sure do!  If I did this over, I would add more olive oil when cooking it to give a little more fat and flavor but whatever. here was the final product.


I flipped the bowl of cous cous salad over to form a prettier dish and the lamb is there in the back.  I have been using up the dill just because I have it, but what I am coming to find is I am not so much a fan of the flavor… stick to parsley or basil.IMG_1712

Oh and that leftover mint I have been using muddled with the leftover lemons in seltzer from my soda stream ( yes I have room for a soda stream in my little home).  

A sneak peak into this week

Dessert and leftovers, which I am still slowly working through and another hint to the mystery product… it is YELLOW.



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