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Cinco de cous cous

IMG_1697 Photo 28

I am so exited to finish off the meal because I already have next weeks assignment! It has mexican origins according to Wikipedia so that is my Cinco De Mayo contribution and all of the hints I am giving.  Back to my three hour feast.  I chose cous cous as my grain although I have learned it is not a grain but rather a pasta shaped in tiny balls.  I think it is more fun to eat. After mangling the box to open it, I cooked it according to the package instructions.  This was inspired by a three grain dish my aunt makes from the New York Times years ago.  Hers uses pine nuts and bakes it after combining the ingredients but I was too cheap and lazy for that.  All I did was combine the cous cous with mint, cucumber, and roasted almonds and I have lunch for the next week.  Oh and I threw some lemon on it since I bought a whole bag of them.


Above is the finished cous cous three going in the freezer for later (with some feta on top) and three for this week.  Meat time Monday!   I better hurry up and finish the leftovers it is almost time for the next challenge!


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