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round one is done


After literally leaving this on the back burner for an hour (and yes I only have one back burner) everything looks like it is going as planned.  Time to pull out the immersion blender that I have used probably only once.  

Photo 30IMG_1700

I know it looks a little unappetizing but if you could only smell this one.  Mmm I am about to have my last bowl of leftovers now.



Now I am most proud of this.  It looks like nothing but shredded cheese.  Well that is all it is.  One of the easiest garnishes ever.  So much flavor and it makes the dish look gourmet.  This was not a part of Alice’s recipe but one that I will pull out more often.  A tablespoon of grated parmesan cheese baked in the oven about 10 minutes and voila a perfect crisp.  I even bent it with a wooden spoon when hot to look even better.  


I really wanted to show off with a final picture but made one small mistake. The delicate crisps get soggy quickly in the soup and so not pose well in pictures.  Next time I may top it with an asparagus tip and leave the crisps on the side. Just like that course one is done!





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