Prepping the Green Goddess


The three hour meal began at 9AM! I was so anxious I couldn’t wait for dinner so it turned into lunch.  I started by chopping veggies for the soup and caramelizing apples for dessert which will be discussed later.  So far off to a great start.  
The Green Goddess Soup was the one recipe I followed from the Alice’s Tea Cup recipe book.  Ironically my ballet teacher told me today how much she loves asparagus, well this is the soup for you! I have never been into a pureed soup and I hate that they never have enough flavor so that is why I chose to tackle this beast.


I sauteed onion, celery, garlic ( I buy the frozen cubes from TJ’s) and asparagus about 8 min.  The recipe says to wait to add the asparagus, but I misread (shocker) and it still turned out great.


Then add the spinach, watercress, and 8 cups of stock and let it be for an hour.  I ran out of bullion cubes so it was halfway watered down and still had plenty of flavor.  Love how easy this was, but I have never bought watercress before so it posed another challenge what to do with the leftovers (that is coming in a future post).
I think I will leave you with the suspense of what the soup looks like after an hour of simmering for another day!
Tomorrow we will finish the soup and add parmesan crisps which made the recipe mine not Alice’s anymore.

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